Polish Film Recalls Dante

Polish director Lech Majewski’s new visionary film, Field of Dogs, was released on April 17.

Field of Dogs tells the story of a man numbed by grief, living in a dream world. After losing both his girlfriend and best friend in a car accident, Adam finds solace only in creating a fake reality intricately based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. The allegory and symbolism present in the masterpiece parallel Adam’s internal struggle to understand the loss of his loved ones.

Majewski, a great appreciator of Italian art, cinema and literature, had long been intrigued by the brilliant Italian poet, and has been quoted saying “His incredible imagination has no equal, his powers of description, the construction of a world of symbolism and then its excellence in being able to describe at the same time personal episodes, people he knew, friends and enemies, and to talk to all, in his time, to posterity. From here, in my small way, I started with the idea of Oneiric.”

In Field of Dogs, Majewski views the world on an intimate level, searching the deep and darkest parts of the mind and exposing them to the audience. He brings to light, in a modern, relatable nature, the divine mystery that is life. He has resurrected the unparalleled brilliance of Dante Alighieri.