Editorial Internship

The Italian Journal provides academic internships in our Rome office to college students who are interested in a professional experience in an international setting.

Our past editorial interns:

  • Issue 1, Futurist Manifestations: Michael Disabato
  • Issue 2, The Art of Science: Thalia Staikos
  • Issue 3, The Caravaggio Moment: Adriana Sanchez
  • Issue 4, Design Save Italy: Michael Bottari
  • Issue 5, Risorgimento Reflected: Nona Tepper
  • Issue 6, Contemporary: Amanda Romero
  • Issue 7, Cinematic Italy: Logan Metzer
  • Issue 8, Amerigo Vespucci: Arielle LaBrecque & Erika Bloc
  • Issue 9, Ubiquitous Influences: Tegan George
  • Issue 10, Verdi: Marissa Bondi &Elizabeth Sherwood
  • Issue 11, Cultural Re-generation: Rose Manutaglio & Molly Wangen-Becker
  • Issue 12, Photographic/Photogenic: Molly Rossi, Meki Shewangizaw &Amanda Sztein
  • Issue 13: Food Save Italy: Marisa Wherry

IAF partners with IES Roma for intern candidates, who receive college credits for the internship with Italian Journal. We also accept applicants outside of IES. Applicants may arrange for credit with their institution.

Selected interns have a strong writing background, an interest in Italian language and culture. Editorial internships are based in Rome, Italy. Those interested in a publishing business internship based in NY may contact editor@italianjournal.it directly.

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