Gucci Revives Classic Ginori Patterns

Richard Ginori, the historic porcelain maker located in Florence, recently presented their 2014 table collection in collaboration with Gucci. The collection included fine tableware with traditional Ginori trademarks such as specific dusting techniques and brush strokes.The company, founded in 1735, in the Sesto neighborhood of Florence, is known internationally for their luxurious tableware items; all handcrafted with an unparalleled sophistication and an immaculate attention to detail. After filing for bankruptcy in January of 2013 though, the company was bought by front-runner Florentine fashion house, Gucci, for $16.8 million. Gucci wanted to give new life, new direction, to the failing company. “There are two essential factors that are pivotal to restructuring and re-launching Richard Ginori: respect for this historic brand and investment in its future,” said the president and chief executive of Gucci, Patrizio di Marco, in an interview with The New York Times.