The New Italians to Note / Recent Successes, Emerging Talents

Number 10. Spring 2014.

The New Italians to Note / Recent Successes, Emerging Talents (working title)

This number is open to contributions focusing on the best contemporary and recent voices in the Italian literary, artistic and musical scene.

Suggested topics include:


  1. Best-selling contemporary authors;
  2. Rising stars and most promising writers;
  3. Challenges and Opportunities for the Italian publishing industry.


  1. Most noteworthy contemporary artists;
  2. Italian galleries and museums in times of crisis;
  3. New patrons and fundraising strategies for Italian contemporary artists and institutions.


  1. An overview of the most interesting musicians, composers and singer-songwriters in the Italian classical, rock, pop music, electronic and jazz scenes;
  2. Main institutions promoting Italian music in Italy and / or internationally;
  3. Italian world-famous talents.


  1. Current trends in Italian Graphic Design;
  2. Interior Design;
  3. Industrial Design.
Deadline to submit your idea: 5 February 2014
Deadline for articles: 28 February 2014.

Submission Proposal