The Timeless Gucci Loafer Turns 60

The Gucci loafer, one of the most iconic shoes to ever be “Made in Italy,” turns 60 this year. In 1953, Gucci transformed the concept of the loafer, or “mocassino” with the release of its own version. This did more than simply make the Gucci brand name famous–the loafer became synonymous with the brand.

The timeless shoes are just as beautiful, popular, and loved today as they were 60 years ago, and are considered not only a trademark of Gucci, but of Italy as well. To celebrate, Gucci is launching a new interpretation of the old style, called “Collezione 1953,” as well as an exhibit at the Gucci Museo in Firenze that opens in late February. The new loafers feature the traditional horse-bit leather and brass buckles, but add a bit of a modern twist in the increased comfort and flexibility of the shoe. As always, these shoes are made only by artisans with the highest levels of expertise, as the craftsmanship is extremely difficult and is passed down through the generations to those with appropriate talent.

Countless celebrities and people all over the world have worn and loved Gucci loafers through the decades, including Clark Gable, Brad Pitt in “Fight Club,” and Fred Astaire. In the mid- 1960s the collection was expanded to include women’s styles, such as those worn by Jodie Foster in “Taxi Driver,” and the 2013 collection will be no different. Gucci’s unique ability to immortalize the loafer is evident from the past 60 years, and will certainly continue to be over the next 60.