Rome and Vatican Recieve Newly Appointed American Ambassadors

The swearing in of the new U.S. Am­bassador to Rome, David Thorne, 64, marks new era for U.S.-Italian rela­tions. Investor, entrepreneur, author and supporter of the arts, Thorne is the co-founder of Adviser Investments one of the U.S.’s top firms specializing in Van­guard and Fidelity mutual funds and ex­change trade funds. He is a former Presi­dent and current Board member of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and led the design oversight team for its new building in Boston. Additionally, he has participated in a variety of other un­dertakings including marketing, consult­ing, and real estate.

His love of Italy is a part of both his professional career, as well as his person­al life. One of his favorite pastimes that have remained with him since his days as a boy living in Italy is playing soccer. Thorne continues to play league soccer in New England, and is an avid fan of the Italian national team especially dur­ing the European and World Cup.

“The Italian-American partnership is a long one, and our alliance is strong. But I am committed to finding new ways to build upon this legacy and nurture a living, two-way dynamic partnership, un rapporto vivo, said Thorne. “I want to ensure that Italy ansd the United States continue to work together to address the global challenges we face.”

This will not be Thorne’s first experi­ence in Rome. He lived in Rome for the majority of his childhood, the son of Landon Thorne Jr., a U.S. administrator of the Marshall Plan in Italy. His father then established and directed the Italian branch of the Banker Trust Company.

Senator John Kerry, Thorne’s former brother-in-law and close college friend, gave the new Ambassador’s introduc­tion at the official swearing in ceremony. Thorne’s close ties with Kerry, who is the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Rela­tions Committee, as well as his profes­sional relationship with U.S. President Obama are some­thing that will be utilized to cement the ties between Italy and the U.S.

“Italian immi­grants have brought a wonderful heri­tage of success here- Italian food, clothes, and inno­vative design have permeated our cul­ture,” said Thorne. Thorne, who resided in Brookline, Massachusetts prior to his Rome appointment, graduated from Yale University in 1966 and received a Mas­ters degree in journalism from Colum­bia University in 1971. The Ambassador served in the U.S. Navy from 1966-1970 and is author of The New Soldier (Macmil­lan 1971).

Judge Arthur J. Gajarsa (United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Cir­cuit), who also grew up in Rome, admin­istered the Oath of Office. Present at the ceremony were a multitude of important figures to the realm of Italian-American relations including Giovanni Castellane­ta, Italian Ambassador to the U.S., Libo­rio Stellino, the Italian Consul General of Boston, Thomas Menino,the mayor of Boston and Congressman Michael E. Capuano.

In addition to Thorne’s appointment, Doctor Miguel Humberto Díaz was appointed U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See (Vatican). Díaz serves as a Profes­sor of Theology at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University in Minnesota. He has written numerous ac­claimed books about explorations of the Catholic faith, and has taught at other es­teemed universities and seminaries such as The University of Notre Dame, Barry University, the University of Dayton, and St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach, Florida, where he served as Academic Dean.

“I welcome the opportunity to deepen and expand upon the special relation­ship that has evolved between the Unit­ed States and the Vatican over the past 25 years of formal diplomatic ties,” he said. The U.S. Embassy to the Holy See and the Vatican work closely on issues ranging from religious freedom, and in­terfaith dialogue to security issues such as human trafficking and human rights. Now that Ambassador Díaz has pre­sented his credentials to Pope Benedict XVI, his work begins with the Vatican on these religious and social issues.