Marconi Prize Awarded to “Father of the European Internet”

Marconi Prize

British Scientist Peter T. Kirstein, a key figure in the creation and internationalization of the internet, received the 2015 Marconi Prize. Kirstein pioneered technical contributions and promoted network expansion in Europe and beyond, establishing regional internet networks in areas such as Central Asia.

The Marconi
Prize is in the 
field of information science and communication awarded annually to scientists and engineers who utilize the field to further worldwide economic, social and cultural development.

“While he may not be well known here in the US, Peter is often recognized as the father of the European Internet” says Marconi Fellow and coworker Vint Cerf. “For the past 40+ years, Kirstein has made persistent contributions to the practical workings, adoption and application of the Internet worldwide.”

Kirstein will receive the prodigious $100,000 prize in London during the ceremony at the Royal Society in October 2015.