Four in Fashion

by Michael Bottari

From fashion shows for the Spring/Summer 2011 season: Roman designer Albino D’Amato projects his humble personality through his collection which favors simplicity and creativity while exhibiting a clear admiration for the past. Albino previously worked in architecture and industrial design before arriving in fashion. The pair, Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, emphasizes attention to detail and base their work on fabrics, images and precise tailoring. The duo doesn’t like to consider themselves artists and they advocate for Italian fashion that breaks ahead of the global trends instead of simply following blindly. Chicca Lualdi presents a collection where modernity mixes with sophistication to create an understated feminine feel. She also places great value in color—looking for the right shade to provoke the correct emotion for the collection. Marco de Vincenzo’s (4) belief that fashion can transform a person to the point where they are unrecognizable is the root of his passion. While working for Fendi, he decided to make his own collection. In his work, he keeps the silhouette close to the body with tight fitting clothes and plays with geometric forms.