Conference Launches “Rebirth”

On October 14, 2013, Rebirth Rome officially launched with a conference featuring an outstanding panel on the topic of “resiliance”. Rebirth Rome was founded by the renowned proponent of culture (and Italian Journal columnist), Ludovica Rossi Purini. (Photos from this event appear in the Social Journal on page 45).

Held in the prestigious Deputy Chamber, the Rebirth conference presented various perspectives on effecting change. The world premiere of an original video by the studio of Daniel Libeskind was shown in this context. The architect’s impactful and poignant public works include the World Trade Center Ground Zero memorial and the National Art Museum of Berlin.


During the conference, Libeskind paraphrased Freud on Rome and the mind: All the ancient ruins are in sight, but underneath are layers and layers of stories and realities. In this way, Rome, he said, represents all that is both old and new and that can be recovered and rebuilt.